1000 Mothers

"1000 Mothers Walk for Healing ": Walk (at your own pace) is an opportunity for the entire family and friends of the community to raise awareness to the pain and suffering of homicide victim-survivors. All ages and abilities are welcome. Walk a mile, walk two or walk three+ miles and  join us for a cook-out in the park after the walk. Registration fee is $20.00 for adults.

Evening of Healing – In December, 1K MPV sponsor a free holiday dinner for victim survivors families and friends. 1KMPV send invitations to victim-survivors registered with the City of Oakland Public Safety Committee.  We serve families who could not otherwise afford a holiday meal or simply want to fellowship.  The event is not only a time of celebration, but of reflection.  Families are asked to bring photos of their deceased relatives and friends to be displayed.  The non-denominational event featured entertainment, local, and state goverment officials.  Other nonprofit social services agencies were invited and tables were set-up to display information and services.

PURPLE Gala (Prayer+Unity+Restoration+Love+Empowerment) - The PURPLE Gala fundraiser serves as an opportunity for donors to meet the individuals and families that their contributions are directly affecting. The gala is also used as a tool to bring awareness to the public at large of the increasing rate of homicides in Oakland.

Project SSMART (Study Support Music Martial Arts Resources Therapy), A new and innovative program for grieving children and their grieving parents / grandparents / caretakers. Anecdotally, through the work of 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence, and experientially as survivors, we know that there are a multitude of issues facing survivors of victims of violence that diminish the quality of life lived prior to the event. The resource and referral aspect of this project aims to alleviate some of these hardships by connecting families with community-based services to meet their needs.

1000mothers brochure 10-2013

Programs and Services

Information & Referral Service – Many victim-survivors are unemployed or cannot maintain employment due to PTSD, depression and other stress factors.  Consequently, these individuals need immediate financial assistance, counseling services, “safe-homes”, food and other much-needed assistance.  Due to the lengthy and complicated process of applying and qualifying for victim services, many people misunderstand the application process and miss deadlines. 

In 2008, 1K MPV referred more than 75 families or individuals to homeless shelters and motels that offered free or reduced rates.  We provide legal referrals to help families obtain funding that may be available through local or state agencies.  A local attorney also provides four hours of pro-bono work per week to help in our efforts. 1K MPV also makes available educational referrals through the United College Action Network (UCAN-TO).

Project SAFE: A Food Program – For individual who are suffering depression, loss of appetite is very common.  A basic necessity like food is often forgotten and often leads to other debilitating habits.  In 2006-07 1K MPV served over 150 families who were unemployed and/or could not afford the cost of food.  Volunteers make deliveries to families who lost a close relative to violence.

1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence Programs and Services
Advocacy - 1K MPV participates in several events throughout the Bay Area that advocate for violence prevention policies and strategies within communities.  Our grassroots efforts push for common sense gun laws to reduce violence in Bay Area neighborhoods.   Collaboration with the Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) provides legal expertise and support to 1K MPV to help spearhead initiatives for stronger gun policies in Alameda County.

COPE Grief Support Group: Circle of  Prayer + Empowerment (CoPE) is an inter-faith group designed to help families and friends of homicide victims recover from the depression and illness associated with their tragic loss. The group meet every  1st & 2nd Saturdays of the month and is facilitated by Lorrain Taylor, a volunteer social worker and victims-survivor. The group averages between 10-15 participants who meet in East and West Oakland.  The two-hour session offers an arena for sharing experiences.  Participants are asked to maintain confidentiality and to be sensitive to those who manifest their grief in different ways. Individual professional help is available. A licensed psychologist or LCSW is available for one on one therapy upon request.