1000 Mothers

1000 Mothers comprehensive technology provides unparalleled personal safety in an increasingly dangerous world.

1000 Mothers immediately turns every Smartphone into a personal security device that collects all incident-driven data and information. 1000 Mothers has proven to be an ideal solution for all; because of crime victimization rates, it is especially useful for women, the elderly, children, students, faculty, staff, parents, literally anyone!

1000 Mothers can be quickly downloaded and set-up! Once downloaded, when you are confronted with a (potential) incident based on people or events going on around you, instantly activate 1000 Mothers. Photo/Video and GPS Location of your situation is automatically sent directly to your pre selected contacts, allowing them to See, Hear, and Follow your Incident as it unfolds.

Emergency Alarm/Security App features:

- EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Ability to set contacts information- Phone, Email, Facebook ID etc.

- SMS, Email, FB/Twitter Post with distress message and location, Phone Call on a single button press to saved emergency contacts.

- PHOTO/VIDEO : Send a photo/Video whenever you sense danger and email/FB/TW post to saved contacts and server.

- ACCESS TO INCIDENT HISTORY (CLOUD STORAGE) : User may be able to review past incident video/photo on website/app. Sending all photo or audio records upon panic to a cloud based server. We then will allow users either subscription based access to this data or pay per one time download of this data.

- ALARM/ FLASHLIGHT : on pressing SOS/Panic button, an alarm would go off along with a SOS flashlight.

- PASS CODE: Passcode to lock/ unlock the app

- SLEEP SAFE: The Sleep Safe feature gives you a portable alarm that is both sound- and motion sensitive. When clicking activate you have 10 seconds to go to bed before the app will start picking up sounds and motions. If the alarm goes off, your Contact List will be notified that you might be in danger together with your exact GPS position. There is also a 10 second countdown before the alarm is activated so that you do not have to listen to an annoying alarm sound every morning you are deactivating Sleep Safe.

-GPS tracking only- If users want, they will be able to turn on GPS functions of their profile, and My Personal Security Force will track users via GPS; this file will be stored in the cloud and held for up to 7 days to help in case there is need for law enforcement investigation.

-“Follow Me” & Auto-shut off- This function will allow all users to proactively determine their path home, and how much time it will take, and put in triggers and alerts in their My Personal Security Force App based on their expected time of arrival. If they do not arrive at a particular place in the expected time, they will be able to trigger notification/escalation to close friends and family. From there, friends and family will be able to follow-up by calling the subscriber to locate and determine if indeed there is an emergency; if necessary, they will be able to escalate to law enforcement with last known GPS location! After safely arriving at the prescribed location, 1000 Mothers should automatically shut off (when GPS "from" and "to" locations unite, it should activate an auto-shutoff), preventing any further alerts or escalations.

While 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence has partnered with communities across the country to help families through their process of coping and grieving community violence, we have found there is urgent need for individuals, neighborhoods and communities to become more safe. 

This connotes the need not only for our workshops and Safety tips and techniques, but there is need for an additional actionable tool that I can be readily available, mass deployed, used for immediately alerting friends/family of distress, and can be used to help capture and store critical evidence; this is the type of tool that can massively change the trajectory of crimes/criminality  in our communities.  

This is the goal of our proposed solution and (due to its comprehensive nature and capabilities) requires additional funding in order to help saves lives an entire communities!

Our solution is multi-faceted, and leverages the ability to turn every Smartphone (currently being used) into a life-saving device.  In these days and times, everyone needs a 'safety net!'  Therefore, 1000 Mothers  will look to readily provide users with the ability to immediately alert friends/family and local security (or law enforcement) when they are in distress. While immediately alerting contacts that are designated as part of an individual's 'safety net,' My Safety Net also captures ALL incident data and stores as 'digital forensics' so as law enforcement/private  security are alerted, perpetrators can be accurately identified and brought to justice.  

Our technology collaboration uses Cloud technology and Cloud storage, and these services are not free.  In order to provide large numbers of people residing in crime-ridden  and/or other communities seemingly under constant threat of crime (mostly highly urbanized areas) with our safety tool, it will require additional funding.  Federal assistance via this DOJ grant is the only way to get thousands of 1000 Mothers partnered communities and families to feel more safe, and mitigate increased violence and tragedies.    Grant funding will help pay for the monthly Cloud storage fees, and the marketing and collaborative community development (with community leaders, law enforcement and etc..) efforts needed in order to protect communities!

We anticipate helping to protect tens of thousands of people (mostly in Oakland/Bay Area, but also across the U.S) currently residing in unsafe, crime-ridden  neighborhoods and communities.


click here to see video: Turning Tragedy into Technology to Improve Safety

by Stephen Stock, Investigative Reporter, NBC Bay Area