1000 MOTHERS to Prevent Violence


Dear Family and Friends,

I received a call from the City of Oakland facility manager last night.  Because the strike has been continued, he highly recommended postponing the PURPLE Gala. Even if it ended Friday, there would not be enough time to clean and prepare for us. I was really looking forward to the fellowship.  We look forward to celebrating the 10th PURPLE Gala in the near future. 

In 2007, we had our first official “Evening of Healing” at the Jack London Inn where we honored the first OPD Investigator with an “Apple Pie” Award. In 2008 we changed the name to PURPLE Gala (Prayer, Unity, Restoration, Peace, Love & Empowerment). The PURPLE Gala brings families and friends together to help fill the emptiness we feel without our loved ones during the holidays and to help bridge the gap (in trust and communication) between our grieving families and law enforcement.

This will mark ten years, the OPD Chief of Police and the homicide unit investigators would have joined us to honor the memory of our children and loved ones lost to violence. People have planned to travel from Texas, Southern California, Seattle, etc. to share with us; not to mention the grieving families who look forward to this event; however, we do not want to cross any picket lines!

Thank you for your support and understanding
Lorrain Taylor, Founder/CEO
1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence