1000 MOTHERS to Prevent Violence

Volunteer of the Year:

Rich Laufenberg - who have created and distributed crosses to homicide victims' family.

 Survivor of the Year: 

Tomeka Rothschild whose son and son's father were victims of gun violence.

Pastor of the Year:

Virgil Childs, Sr. Pastor, Market St. Seventh Day Adventist Church - advocate for 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence & Community.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year: Sgt. Robert Rosin, OPD

Congratulations Honorees!

Special Thanks to Fr. Aiden, Pastor, St. Columba Catholic Church, Oakland, CA and my SC Church family for supporting 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence  PURPLE Gala...


TESTIMONIAL: Dear Lorrain: Thank you very much for offering the grief support meetings. I greatly appreciate your understanding, kindness and great support.It has been my pleasure to meet you. Attending the meeting has been very helpful while going thru this grief process. It gave me encouragement to stay strong, It reminds me that I am not the only one grieving such lost......