1000 MOTHERS to Prevent Violence

About Us

1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence mission is to ease the detrimental & traumatic impact of violence on homicide & violent crime victim-survivors by providing ongoing compassionate support and services.

In a response to her tragedy of losing both twin sons to gun violence and as a mechanism to foster change, Lorrain Taylor formed 24/7 Gospel in 2004, a faith-based agency assisting grieving families with daily needs such as delivering donated groceries, cleaning and cooking – all of which she did herself.  In 2006, the organization’s name was changed to "1,000 Mothers to Prevent Violence" and received its 501 (c)(3) status.  

Since 2007, the organization has served more than 1000 individuals throughout the greater S.F. bay area(Oakland, Antioch, Fremont, San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Richmond, Berkeley, Hayward) and beyond.  With the help of seven volunteers, 1K MPV serves approximately 30 victim-survivor families each  month  dealing with grief-related illnesses by way of legal referral services, peer and grief support groups, delivering groceries, networking and advocacy.

"1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence" is a grassroots nonprofit organization devoted to serving families who have been directly impacted by violence. "1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence" endeavors to provide a continuum of care for the entire family, in particular the grieving parent who must continue to provide for surviving children.

Grief is a long-term emotional process, affecting one’s ability to cope with the daily functions of living.  Beyond the clinical support that is given through conventional agencies, "1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence" looks at what a family needs six months to a year down the road.  As one client states “Had I not met Lorrain, I probably would have committed suicide.  I didn’t know how I was going to cope".